Happy Friday! Let’s celebrate!

This cat.

Woohoo! Happy Friday! Image courtesy of Buzzfeed.

Hello friends!
My apologies for the late post, but I have a really good reason for it.
Yesterday, I had an interview with the International School here in Bern and I will be volunteering there!!!!!

This is a super big deal for me because:
a. from what I have read and been told, it is difficult to get into international schools as a volunteer and as a teacher.
3) I get to be in a classroom again! The lovely principal took me on a tour of the kindergarten and first grade classrooms and I loved it.
Can I tell you a secret?
When we entered one of the classrooms, I was so happy to see bulletin boards and little chairs, tears welled up in my eyes and I could have cried from happiness.
I had to do that thing where you make your eyeballs swallow down the tears very quickly because, who cries during an interview?!
Um, me apparently.
F: This could/maybe/potentially/keep your fingers and eyeballs crossed, lead to something a bit more permanent in teaching.  Wouldn’t that be wonderful.  I love the school’s philosophy and the creative environment there.
A little piece of English speaking heaven.

So, that is my exciting news.  I am so happy and excited.
I have been celebrating since 3 p.m. yesterday with my can of pringles and lots of sweets.

How are you doing?
Is anything exciting happening this weekend for you?
I want to hear all about it.
Have a wonderful and safe weekend.

P.S.: Here are some happy links.  My favorite is at the bottom.
P.P.S: I love you guys.  Thanks for all of your support. Big big hugs from me to you.

Feeling good is only 1 minute away.

Two really sexy guys make me laugh.

Yummy cauliflower cheese dish.  What the what?!

I would love to wear this.  But, how do I do so without looking like a total moron trying to be cool?

I have a dress like this but, no where to wear it to.  Maybe I will wear it as I do dishes today.

This 100 year old woman sees the beach for the first time. My heart is full.

And, finally…

Flannel Shirts: What do you think?

I love this shirt.  Why is my hair always so frizzy?  It looks like birds have tried to nest on my head. Sigh. Whatevs.

I love this shirt. Why is my hair always so frizzy? It looks like birds have tried to nest on my head. Sigh. Whatevs.

Shirt with a fancy necklace.  Sans frizz head.

Shirt with a fancy necklace. Sans frizz head.

Last weekend I bought a new shirt and I loooove it!
I found it at the Gap (yup, they have Gap here) after looking through all of the stores where French women usually shop, with no luck.
It’s comfy and very cute.
Tonight, Mike’s work people have organized a bowling night and I am going to be sporting my new shirt. I also show off my shirt here.
I am very into the flannel trend and blouses right now.
Oh, the blouses!
Kind of feminine but not too fussy.
Here are a few that I found.

This one from Old Navy is super cute! I wish there was an Old Navy near me.

This one from Anthropologie. I could live in their store. Seriously. I’m not kidding. (MIKE: THIS BLOUSE WOULD BE AWESOME AS A GIFT!!) Now, to have a small chest like the model so that I don’t look like a circus tent.

This one I found on Pinterest. I dream about this blouse.

And, this one at ASOS.

Do you own any of the new flannel fashions?
I had this fear that I would look like a lumberjack. But, it is cut just right, so I still look like a lady.
Is this what they were calling the return of the ’90’s grunge?
I was there for that and this seems cleaner and less angsty.
Grunge-lite is what I am going to call it.

What do you think?


P.S.: Where have you been shopping lately?

Surfing In Switzerland!

surfing4surfing1surfing3Yes, this is real.
No, we didn’t secretly move to Hawaii.
People actually go surfing in Switzerland!

Where you ask?
These men and women were surfing on a river dam in Thun (pronounced toon).
Just attach a rope to the bridge above, jump in the river, make your way over to the rushing water and have fun!
The swiss are really outdoorsy, aren’t they!

Would you do something like this?
I am not much of a risk taker but, this looked awesome.
I love to see people give fear the finger and do something heart pumping.

What is something that you do that gets your blood rushing?
I would love to know.
The last thing I did was…lemme think…
Oh yeah, I watched Poltergeist by myself.  Not quite the same.
Hope you are doing well.

P.S.: A great article on ways to feel more alive.  I love it!!! Now I’m trying to live it.