Last Day of Lyon,France

Tea_is_so_good_for_my_soul. Image by Vee O.

I don’t really have much to say today.
It is our last day in Lyon and we will be gone by the time the lunchtime lines are long.
My heart is heavy and I my ears hurt from hearing “So, when is moving day?”.
Today is moving day and I don’t want it to be.
My hands do not want to fold another box and fill it with toiletries or clothes.
We are moving again to another country with another language.
I know Switzerland isn’t far, but it is far enough to be different from what I have been living for the past year.

Motivation eludes me today and I move my body because I have to.
Move this box there.
Load the car.
Take down the trash.

So for this week, my list of to do things are simple.
I will be taking care of me.
Moving from one place in my life to another.
This is my weekly to do list:

1.  Get everything moved into new place.
2.  Take a moment to sit in silence alone in new place.
3.  Take a walk around new neighborhood.
4.  Buy some flowers.
5.  Cook myself a good meal.
6.  If I need to, let myself be sad and cry.
7.  Drink tea.
8.  Yoga and meditation.

It is so hard leaving a place when you have started thinking of it as home.
Have you ever moved when you didn’t want to?
Tell me about it.
I would love to hear from others today.

Have a fun weekend!

Chocolate_cake_from_French_patisserie. I will take all three cakes.  No need to box it up, I will eat it right now. Please and thank you.

I will take all three cakes. Let’s get this party started, please and thank you.

Happy Friday!
Woo! We made it!

This week was a doozy over here at the Chicago to France home.
Packing, cleaning, laundry and trying to rent a car to move our stuff; has left us exhausted.
Oh, did I mention I started a link-up on Tuesdays?  Yup, I sure did.
Big thank you to Dianna from Our Sweetened Life for the shout out on Twitter.
The blogging world is full of wonderful people like her.
Monday morning we are officially leaving Lyon, spending a night in a hotel, and then move into our new apartment Tuesday morning. (Shh…don’t be sad France, I will be back for you.)
You know that feeling you get when you are ready to start a new part of your life?
Yeah, that’s how I feel right now.  I would leave tomorrow morning if we could.
(No no, France.  I didn’t mean it.)

French_fruit_tart Hello handsome!  I am so ready for this weekend.

Hello handsome! I am so ready for this weekend.

But, this weekend we are throwing a small going away party.
I will make my magical chocolate chip cookies.
Aaaand, that is as far as I have gotten with planning.
I know I should provide food, but I do not want to cook all day and then have to do more cleaning.
Do you have any favorite foods you like to make for a party?
Meat tray? Cheese platter? Chips and dip?  Maybe we can order food for everyone?
My wallet just laughed at me.

I could use your help in this department.

What are you up to this weekend?
I hope it is something fun and memorable.
I would love to hear your plans and your party recipe ideas.
Please leave a comment so we can chat for a bit.

Have a wonderful and fun weekend!


Do you tell your mate other people’s secrets?

Shh, don't tell anyone that a certain person we know has an otter in their bathtub.

Shh, don’t tell anyone that a certain person we know has an otter in their bathtub.

We just had this conversation with our friends about keeping secrets from our mate and I found it to be fascinating.
Not our own secrets, but other peoples.
If someone confides in you, do you tell your mate?

I will be completely honest and say that sometimes I have and sometimes I haven’t.
When I have told him anything I usually don’t think that the person would mind.  Other times I need to process the secret or try to get my head around it.
But, then again it depends on who or what is the secret about.
The more serious the secret the less likely I will tell my husband.

So, do you tell your mate a secret that someone tells you?
Do you do it sometimes or only for certain situations?
I would love to know.
But, I promise I won’t tell my husband.

P.S: George has a hard time keeping a secret.