I am going on vacation.

I don’t detect any blogger burnout here. Image by Caroline Gutman

I need a break.

I am not sure exactly what is wrong with me.
I feel restless and bored with life.
Nothing interests me and I feel like I have lost some of my spark.
Have you ever felt this way?
Part of this feeling comes from waiting for my paperwork to become processed with the Swiss government (until that happens I can’t work).
The other part is blogger burnout.  Honestly, I feel like I am losing at being a blogger even though I work so hard at it.  I know you are not supposed to complain about blogging on your blog, but I am doing it.  Rules were made to be broken!
Also, a sprinkling of not wanting to learn another language.
(Most people speak English here, so I figure I am good for the moment.)
The cherry on top is the squishiness around my middle (and arms and legs and bottom).

So, for the next few weeks I am taking a break from this blog and going in search of my light.
I have to do something now before I find myself overdosed on chocolate and crying on the couch.
I will snap some photos along the way and keep up with Instagram and Twitter.

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I am planning on going back here and buying a ton of furniture!

Maybe one day I will do this in German.  I know it won’t sound as pretty though.



Thanks for your understanding and your support.
How have you been feeling lately?
I still want to hear from you.



P.S.: Here is a great post from Holly Becker on Blogger Burnout.  I love her.

Expat Experiences #3

expat3aI am feeling a bit nostalgic and weepy for today’s expat experiences.
Quite different from my ass kicking attitude of yesterday.
I heard from a very close friend and it reminded me of how much I miss her.
I honestly cried like a baby as I wrote her an email.
She is such a special person in my life.

It’s funny stuff, this whole business of missing people.
I had expectations that I would miss certain people, and I did of course.
But, then there are others that I miss more than anything.
When, those “I miss you” emotions hit, they hit hard and knock the breath out of me.

What do you do when those emotions hit?
Do you sob so much you almost electrocute yourself as you type out an email?
Or, do you have a better way of dealing with missing someone?
I would love to hear from you.

Go ahead and share your Expat Experiences below!

Chicago To France


Hello Monday…I’m going to kick your ass.

Image by Amanda Sandlin

I am not messing around today or the rest of the week.
Since we moved to Switzerland, I have an abundance of motivation.
I am not going to analyze it, like I normally do, and ruin it.
I am just going to go with it because, it feels great.
Today, I might just go for a run.
Say what?!
Yup. A run.
Cue the “Rocky” theme.

I know that some weeks,Monday’s just suck.
But, this week I am going to make the most of it.
Here are two  things to help you kick up your motivation levels.

1.  My official Monday anthem.  I can watch these kids over and over.  Better than the original version.

2.  A new type of clock to keep on your desk.
This would change my life.  What about you?

Let’s turn the tables on Monday!
How are you going to kick Monday’s ass?
I would love to hear from you.