Happy Thanksgiving

Perfect wreath to kick off the holiday season.

Perfect wreath to kick off the holiday season.

Just want to wish all of you celebrating turkey day, a happy and healthy day.
I hope you have a great meal with plenty of leftover ideas to last you the next few days or until you can’t stand the sight of turkey.
Whichever comes first.

Tonight, we are celebrating with Mike’s American co-workers at a Thanksgiving buffet.
I will be meeting most of them for the first time and I hope I to engage in hilarious conversations.
I am remembering last Thanksgiving as the best Thanksgiving EVER!  A group of friends sitting around our large makeshift table.  I miss all of those people and hope to spend Christmas or New Years Eve with them.

Here are a few things Thanksgiving related from around the web.
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Big hugs from me to you.  Have a great weekend and I will see you on Monday.


Sick-Radio Silence

I need this shirt. It would help me feel better. 50 points to anyone who knows where this is from. From ThinkGeek.

Hello friends.
I am writing to you from my couch.
I am under the weather.  Like, way, way under.
So, because I haven’t written any posts beforehand and my brain non thought so yeah, CtF will be radio silent for the next few days.
I am going back to sleep now and hoping I can at least have illness induced dreams of Tom Hiddelston.  Last night, I dreamt of dracula for no reason.(I don’t know why I have to tell you that.  Just thought I would share.)  It is infinitesimally possible with the help of embedding subconscious thoughts of T.H..

Wish me luck.

P.S.: Did any of that make any sense at all?
P.P.S.: T.H.’s initials are the inverse of mine.  Gasp! It’s fate.

Where do you eat dinner?

Old fashioned family dinners.  (FYI: not my fam)

Old fashioned family dinners. FYI: not my fam.  But, it reminds me of being at my aunt’s house and eating dinner. Sigh…

It is the holiday season and we will all be gathering around a table and a big, beautiful meal.
But, if it wasn’t the holidays, where would you normally eat dinner?

Mike and I eat almost all of our meals in front of the boob tube.
Sometimes, like if we have soup or we want to reconnect, we sit at a dining room table.
But, otherwise (shamefully) we dine a la flatscreen.
We figure we don’t have kids that we need to be role models for, so we just shove our mouths full of food while trying not to choke.
My mom would be disappointed. Growing up, we had a strict dinner ritual of no t.v. and everybody is at the table together.  No excuses!
Yeah.  My mom would be super disappointed.
If she knew.
Nobody breathe a word to her.

So tell me, where do you eat dinner?
Is it any different from when you were a kid?